This Week In… 2004
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This Week In… 2004

May 17, 2016

Check out what was #1 on the ARIA Charts 12 years ago!


JEt - Get Born

Get Born, the debut album from Melbourne band Jet, spent two weeks at #1 on the ARIA Charts in May 2004. Released in September 2003, the album debuted at #3. It reached #1 for the first time in its 35th week in the top 50. In total, Get Born spent 54 weeks in the top ten and 84 weeks in the top 50

Singles released from Get Born include ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ (#20 Dec. ’03), ‘Rollover DJ’ (#31 Feb. ’04), ‘Look What You've Done’ (#14 May ’04) and ‘Cold Hard Bitch’ (#33 Aug. ’04).

The album was accredited 8x Platinum. It was #48 and #1, respectively, in the 2003 and 2004 ARIA End Of Year Charts.

Following on from Get Born, Jet released the albums Shine On (#3 Oct. ’06) and Shaka Rock (#5 Aug. ’09). They announced their split in 2012.


D12- My Band

The only #1 on the ARIA Singles Chart for American hip hop group D12 came when ‘My Band’ spent two non-consecutive weeks in the top spot during May 2004. Taken from D12’s second album D12 World (#1 May ’04), the track debuted at #2 before hitting #1 for the first time in its second week in the top 50. Its second week at #1 came two weeks later. In total, ‘My Band’ spent seven weeks in the top ten and 13 weeks in the top 50.

The single was accredited Platinum and was #11 on the 2004 ARIA End Of Year Singles Chart.

Prior to ‘My Band’, D12 charted with ‘Purple Pills’ (#3 Aug. ’01) and ‘Fight Music’ (#27 Jan. ’02). Their last top 50 appearance to date was with the follow-up to ‘My Band’, ‘How Come’ (#4 Aug. ’04).