This Week In... 1994
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This Week In... 1994

May 31, 2016

Check out what was #1 on the ARIA Charts 22 years ago!


Mariah Carey - Music Box

The first of Mariah Carey’s three #1s on the ARIA Albums Chart came when Music Box spent 18 weeks in the top spot during 1994. Released as the follow-up to Mariah Carey (#6 Feb. ’91) and Emotions (#8 Oct. ’91), Carey’s third album debuted at #3 in September 1993. It reached #1 for the first time in its 26th week in the top 50. Its longest run of weeks at the top was seven in May/June 1994 and its final week at #1 was in September 1994. In total, Music Box spent 55 weeks in the top ten and 75 weeks in the top 50.

Singles released from Music Box included ‘Dreamlover’ (#7 Sept. ’93), ‘Hero’ (#7 Jan. ’94), ‘Without You’ (#3 Mar. ’94) and ‘Anytime You Need A Friend’ (#12 Jul. ’94).

Music Box was #1 on the 1994 ARIA End Of Year Albums Chart. It was accredited 12x Platinum.

Carey later topped the ARIA Albums Chart with Daydream (#1 Oct. ’95) and Butterfly (#1 Sept. ’97). She last charted with the compilation #1 To Infinity (#18 Jun. ’15).


Prince - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Released as Prince’s first single following the changing of his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol (The Love Symbol), ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ became the late artist’s second #1 single when it spent two weeks at the top in May 1994. The single debuted at #12 in April and made a steady climb in subsequent weeks before reaching #1 in its fifth week in the top 50. ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ spent ten weeks in the top ten and 15 weeks in the top 50.

The single was #23 on the 1994 ARIA End Of Year Singles Chart. It received a Platinum accreditation. It was later included on the album The Gold Experience (#13 Oct. ’95).

Prince’s first ARIA #1 single was with ‘When Doves Cry’ (#1 Aug. ’84). Prince’s last release to hit the top 50 prior to his passing was ‘Musicology’ (#29 Apr. ’04).

In the first chart after his passing in April, eight of Prince’s tracks re-entered the top 50: ‘Purple Rain’ (#3) ‘When Doves Cry’ (#11), ‘Little Red Corvette’ (#22), ‘Kiss’ (#27), ‘1999’ (#28), ‘Cream’ (#30), ‘Raspberry Beret’ (#31) and ‘Diamonds And Pearls’ (#50).