ARIA DJ Of The Week: Kye Grant
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ARIA DJ Of The Week: Kye Grant

September 25, 2017

Get to know the Gold Coast producer.

As the dust settles on what pundits have called the ‘Death of EDM’, new artists are emerging and bringing back unique and creative musical ideas that the industry has been craving. One such artist is Kye Grant. Turning his back on the idea of fitting in and being the same, Kye has gone the other direction and making cool electronic music with the intention of standing out.

Already, Kye Grant has been getting loads of interest with his recent release of tunes, ‘Gurl’ and ‘Williamsburg’.

Acid Stag has flagged Kye Grant as a newcomer to keep an eye on.

Stoney Roads, which has a following of 40,000 subscribers, have identified Kye as ‘The Gold Coast producer turning heads.’

You know he’s doing something right when he has his own prime time radio slot on RadioMetro 105.7 with a following of 90,000 listeners.

If you’re wanting to try something a bit different and watch an artist go from hip-hop grooves to trap and seamlessly into more familiar electronic sounds then Kye Grant is your man. There is not a club in Australia he can’t adapt too.

Kye's Top 10 tracks this week:

1 Kye Grant Everything
2 Steve Frank & Bust-r Wall of Lights
3 Benny Cue & Steve Frank Turn Me Off
4 Paces Creepin
5 Lowdown Bubbly
6 Skrillex & Poo Bear Would You Ever
7 Kuren Mastercraft
8 What So Not! Better
10 MUTO Say Nothing