ARIA DJ Of The Week: Beth Grace
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ARIA DJ Of The Week: Beth Grace

April 9, 2018

Get to know the Melbourne DJ and radio host.

Unique in her own right, DJ & Radio Host Beth Grace has been making dance floors swoon on a regular basis since 2014. Most notable is her ability to transfer her effervescent and infectious energy to those on the dancefloor, captivating a crowd like no other; while building an intimate relationship with each individual through her knowledgeable yet intuitive track selection.

A familiar face at record shops across town, Beth makes it her mission to hunt down those classic house or disco tunes that may have been hidden away for years, and uses them to surprise dance floors again and again with both her record collection and ability to bring out the best of vinyl.

Home is where the house music is, and for Beth Grace that is in the beautiful city of Melbourne, holding residencies at Pawn & Co, One Six One, Bimbo Deluxe, The Carlton Club, The Mill House, & Storyville.

With regular guest appearances at Revolver Upstairs, Treat Night Club, Mynt Lounge & New Guernica

And topping off her rapid rise, Beth has played at such festivals as Falls Festival ’16 & ’17. Beyond the Valley ‘17 & Babylon Festival ‘18.

Beth's Top 10 tracks this week:

1 Colour Castle Roland Clark  Can't Buy This 
2 Lo'99  Bizness 
3 Fisher  Crowd Control 
4 Friendless  Shine On 
5 Claptone  In the night 
6 ATFC & David Penn Hipcats  
7 Terance Feat. Stace Cadet  Can't Get 
8 Liife & Roland Clark  This Aint Freedom 
9 Mark Maxwell  Make You Feel It 
10 Wildfire  Get Enough