ARIA Charts Throwback: 19 August 2002
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ARIA Charts Throwback: 19 August 2002

August 22, 2019

Chill out, whatcha yelling for? It’s just the hits of August 2002.

In August 2002 Motorace, Enrique Iglesias, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kylie Minogue, Eminem, Shakira, Nelly, Taxiride and more held high places on the ARIA Albums Chart.

The second half of the month saw a Canadian crash the top of the Singles Chart with a big debut.

10. Taxiride - Creepin' Up Slowly

Melbourne band Taxiride scored their highest peak on the ARIA Singles Chart when ‘Creepin’ Up Slowly’ hit #8 in September 2002. The track came from the band’s second album, Garage Mahal (#5 Aug. ’02) and was accredited Platinum.

9. Nelly - Hot In Herre

Rapper Nelly hit the ARIA Top Ten for a second time when his track ‘Hot In Herre’ peaked at #3 in July 2002. He would later hit #1 with ‘Dilemma’ (#1 Oct. ’02), ‘My Place’/’Flap Your Wings’ (#1 Aug. ’04) and ‘Over And Over’ (#1 Feb. ’05).

8. Enrique Iglesias - Don't Turn Off The Lights

Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias took out his third Top Ten entry in less than a year when ‘Don’t Turn Off The Lights’ reached #8 in August 2002. He had earlier charted with ‘Hero’ (#1 Jan. ’02) and ‘Escape’ (#7 May ’02). All three singles came from Iglesias’ second English album, Escape (#1 Aug. ’02).

7. Tenacious D - Tribute

With their debut single, Comedy rock duo Tenacious D scored their only entry in the ARIA Top Ten. ‘Tribute’ came from the band’s self-titled debut album (#13 Jul. ’02). Drums on the track were played by Dave Grohl, who also appeared in the music video as a demon.

6. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Get Over You

Following ‘Murder On The Dacefloor’ (#3 Mar. ’02), Sophie Ellis-Bextor took out her second solo Top Ten single when ‘Get Over You’ landed at #4 in July 2002. Both singles came from Ellis-Bextor’s debut solo album, Read My Lips (#9 Jul. ’02).

5. DJ Sammy - Heaven

Spanish producer DJ Sammy scored his biggest hit on the ARIA Singles Chart when his cover of Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’ peaked at #4 in August 2002. Adam’s original reached #12 in August 1985. DJ Sammy later hit the Top Ten with a cover of Don Henley’s ‘The Boys Of Summer’ (#9 Nov. ’02).

4. Elvis Vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation

Originally recorded by Elvis Presley in 1968, ‘A Little Less Conversation’ achieved far greater success when it was remixed by Dutch musician JXL in 2002. The single spent four weeks at #1 in Australia and was also #3 on the 2002 ARIA End Of Year Singles Chart. ‘A Little Less Conversation’ also featured on the compilation 30 #1 Hits (#1 Sept. ’02).

3. Kelly Osbourne - Papa Don't Preach

Kelly Osbourne took out her only entry in the ARIA Top Ten when her version of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ reached #3 in August 2002. It was the first single released from Osbourne’s debut album, Shut Up. The original Madonna version of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ spent six consecutive weeks at #1 in the second half of 1986.

2. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

Releasing her debut single, Vanessa Carlton scored her first and only #1 on the ARIA Singles Chart. ‘A Thousand Miles’ debuted at #28 in May before hitting #1 for the first time in its eleventh week in the chart. The single went on to spend 14 weeks in the Top Ten and 23 weeks in the Top 50. Accredited 2x Platinum, it was #6 on the 2002 ARIA End Of Year Singles Chart.

1. Avril Lavigne - Complicated

Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne’s debut single also became her first #1 when it had a six-week run at the top of the ARIA Charts in August/September 2002. ‘Complicated’ debuted on the chart at #17 in July and climbed up to reach the #1 position in its fifth week in the Top 50. In total, ‘Complicated’ spent ten weeks in the Top Ten and 13 weeks in the Top 50. The single came from Lavigne’s debut album Let Go (#1 Dec. ’02). ‘Complicated’ was #8 on the 2002 ARIA End Of Year Singles Chart and was accredited 2x Platinum.